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Long Entry

Okay folks, do to a mass amount of miss-communication (We are working on that, promise) you may read some info you have already read.

But duh-duh , here are your very first minutes( Carolines were better, I still need her help) and your minutes from the District Board meeting(some info posted by your member care guru already)

Officers Meeting

-Meeting called to order by Kristine , 3:35, seconded by Megan (me:))
- Candy Fundraising
*officers are role models. follow rules
*we have 80 cases to sell (not to worry, we have already sold most)
*officers are slack picker-uppers. We sell any additional
*State rule-no selling candy before lunch (stupid...we know)
*We are on our own. No blaming Zellinator
*Everyone agrees on the gravity of this situation*

-No other business from Zell
-Mike commences to find out Ms Zell had a nice day
Kristine adjournes meeting at 3:45, several peolple then fight over who seconds it

(Really guys, once you guys join our lovely happy club full of
Thespian greatness- the minutes might just become interesting! Yay:) If you are a new member reading this after Tuesday, we thank you:) I also do apologize, I was deadly sick that day and my head was killing me. I was awakened to do my job, so I hope they are okay)

And now a peek into the utterly great world outside of Drama Club, yet somehow still at housed at Mandarin

District 2 Meeting (Represent yo!)

The meeting that involved teachers and kids

-Every sponsor needs to make sure they get Ms M's e-mail by 9/3 (we may need to help Zell on this one)
-go to It is the State godsite
(you will learn what state is shortly. there may even be an entry dedicated to it!)
-All schools have to , have to pay their dues ($60)
-Have to pay $10 to drop I.E's now (individual events)instead of the five it is now (i promise in the future, this will all make sense to you)
-Please read all the new rules on site or ask for the student folder we got
The cool new rules-no costume rule
-no gender specific rule
*all additional information can be found in our nifty folder:)

The Student Meeting
Breaking news- we got a house full of teenagers to agree on something and nearly every adult later on to agree on something, go us!

Broadway Cares-
AIDS week- first week of december
-Notify Princible (I'll have a meeting with him this week)
-ask if you can have a collect jar in main office, drama rooms, and ask students to come in during lunch on announcments
-Roni idea -Small assembly?
-Wear red during AIDS week or on "AIDS days"
*-theme, 'living with, not dying from'

D2 shirts
- Well folks, you are just going to have to wait. But I think you will like. Oh do I thik you will like:) That is what all the kids and adults agreed on!

When Kristine (our prez) and Helen (her co-student rep) get on stage to introduce our critics choice we are going to hoot and hollar and scream and clap like there is no tommrow. We have so much silent applause every other time, this is our time to be rowdy and support. Unite!!!!!! Be proud. We are the biggest district, I'm dead sure we can be the loudest.

Unity- We are a district. Do realize that. We are separate troupes and schools, but we come together. We are North Florida High School's finest in our art. Together we are strong, alone we are dead.. (heh, roni might get that)

We then talked to the adults who liked the shirt, except Zell. We also talked about fundraisers for mainstages and for Broadway Cares. We stalled and had improv games. It was all very useful.

And as your secatary, I sign off.

Bye Now
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