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People who attended the District Registration at Sandlewood goes as follows:


They stayed from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 (give or take a few minutes).

Those three hours there count for some nice ITS points.

Also, our one act will be the dance scene from Teach Me How to Cry. I don't really know how the whole extra things will work out, but I think they will. If you're wondering why we're doing this and not something separate... Well...:

The show goes up in two weeks. Two or so weeks after that is Districts. We don't have time to audition, learn, stage, and rehearse a new show. It's unfair, but I think Ms. Zell is going to work it so that people in the play that aren't in that scene make appearances or something. Please don't quote me on that. All I know is that that's what our One Act is.

Also, we enter the dressing rooms at 10:25, leave at 10:55, and enter the stage at 11:00. We have until 11:40 to perform... However, what we will be performing will not be near that long.

The times for performances have been chosen. Kristine will be putting them on the board Monday. Don't be angry if you don't like the times. They had to be worked around the one act and the group musical number. Also, they are kinda limited. Just be happy you have a time.

One last thing. Those who have signed up to be in The Time Warp. We talked about making the number of people smaller. Now, we realize that it is unfair for people who are IN the number to choose who will stay in... So, we plan to ask Mr. Adkison to audition it for us. Also, we realize that at least three people paid for Districts only for this number... I believe it is agreed that they are safe from being eliminated. Correct me if I'm wrong.

One LAST reminder... The show dates have been moved to November 18-20.

Anyways. That's your message for today... Bye darlings!
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