Ronica Jhena (smoothgirl) wrote in mandarin_player,
Ronica Jhena

Awww... Hurricane!

Audition week was cancelled this week... For the obvious reason of our best friend, Frances... Mmm... Hurricane.

Anyways... Official news coming straight from a cell phone message left by our beautiful president Kristine stated the following information for those interested:

- Ms. Zell is currently out of town, and may or may not be present on Monday.
However, regardless of her being there, there will most definitely be an officers' meeting about what we will be doing for the first official Drama club meeting.
- A notice will be sent out (made by yours truly) to the new members about the date of our first meeting... blah blah blah... You know the drill. Officers won't be getting one... for obvious reasons.
- Ah yes... The first meeting will be (hopefully, if weather permits) held on Wednesday, after school.
- Tuesday (also if weather permits), we will be starting auditions for *play unknown* and I will be making posters for the audition.

If any one would like to help make posters... We have until, at the latest, Tuesday morning to get them up. If anyone would like to make posters on their own accord, please do. Remember, we don't know exactly what the play is yet, but we do know that the auditions are next week. Also, remember to put that we need actors AND techies. Anyone with a creative or artistic spark... Please help?

Ethan: This is what I am handing down to you. Notices and posters. If you read this, please take the initiative to make the posters. I've got a few poster boards I can make posters out of this weekend... And Drama room has tons too if you want to make posters during the meeting on Monday.

Also, for those who are interested in my personal activities when it comes to Drama... I have made... yes, made... and ITS BIBLE! It WILL hold all that we will do, and I will be keeping up with it throughout the year so that when we have to tally up the ITS points... It will pretty much be done. Yay!

Love and smiley faces!

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